Tradelikemee Academy

Our instructor

Sanjay K G

Founder & CEO, Tradelikemee Academy

Fulltime Trader & Chief Instructor

Firstly, he looks for certain qualities before training his students like, One should be very much hungry, Passionate, Committed, Respect & be very Serious To learn The Right way, only then, one can Earn from the Financial Markets or Any business out there and one should love what they are doing.

“TRADING IS NOT A GAME, BE VERY SERIOUS” It is one of the highly legally Paid Professional Business in the GLOBE” And off course, it’s not a get Rich Quick Scheme. Investing In Any Business, Without Any Knowledge/ Skills Is Always DANGEROUS/ GAMBLING.

Likewise In Trading As Well, You Need The Right Skills/ Knowledge And Above Qualities, Only Then One Can Be Consistent and Successful in the trading journey. And off course Practice Is Also Very Much Important. Nobody Can Learn Swimming In 2 days. Same way no One Can Become A Doctor In A Day Or So.

Same Way Nobody Can Learn Trading In 1 Or 2 Days Either, It Takes Little Time And Practice, To Train Your Eyes and Etc. based on the strategy you use it. Also, Patience Is The KEY in this business. All these Things Will Be Developed Once You Have Learnt The Right Skills, Proper Understanding & Right Attitude to learn them, then On can really have the right to achieve the Financial Freedom.